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2022 Feb 18

Emma for Flaunt Magazine

Emma for Flaunt Magazine

Emma Mackey | A Pattern Explosion

FLAUNT – As you read these words, either written on this page or illuminating off an LED screen, somewhere, someone on planet Earth is dumping a fresh puzzle onto the floor. A thousand mismatched pieces waiting to be meticulously placed back together. They daunt the hopeful assembler. Each piece is beautiful. Each piece is intricate. Each piece tells its own story, but the entirety of the story is not unraveled until each is properly placed. French-British actor Emma Mackey is one of these puzzle pieces.

Alas, if a puzzle piece is recklessly placed in the wrong spot, crammed in dismissively, or completely left out, the final picture does not reveal itself. A single performance in a film or television show can be astonishing, but if the other performances fall through, the final product does not hold up. And so, a director is a puzzle maker, placing everything where it needs to be.

But what happens when a puzzle piece rebels? “I hate being patronized. I hate it,” Mackey tells me with passion behind her voice. “More and more, I struggle with authority and being told what to do, which is hilarious because most of my job is being told what to do and doing things for other people and being a vehicle for other people’s ideas.”
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2021 Sep 16

Emma for Hunger Magazine

Emma for Hunger Magazine

Emma was photographed and interviewed for HUNGER magazine. Check out the photos below!

HUNGER – Having broken through with the zeitgeist-defining classroom drama Sex Education, the actor Emma Mackey is cracking open the history textbooks to revisit forgotten women of the past.
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2021 Aug 18

Guardian Weekend

Guardian Weekend

The Sex Education cast was photographed and interviewed for The Guardian. View the article, photoshoot and scans below!

The making of Sex Education

THE GUARDIAN – The rude, raucous and revolutionary comedy is back for another term. The stars and creators reveal how it became one of Netflix’s biggest British hits
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2020 Jan 29

Emma for WWD

‘Sex Education’s’ Emma Mackey Rides Her Moment

The star of the hit Netflix series talks about the show’s second season — and suddenly being in the spotlight.

WWD – There’s very little about Emma Mackey that feels cliché. She has an effortless, utterly cool thing going on, someone who is delightfully untouched by Hollywood and seems like her social media presence is somewhat of an afterthought. But on a rare free afternoon break in New York between nonstop, multicontinent press for her Netflix series “Sex Education,” she found herself giving in to temptations of the downtown, Insta-friendly, indie darling lifestyle.

After a trip to the Whitney Museum, she wound up at The Butcher’s Daughter, tucked away reading, yes, a French novel.

“I was literally in the corner of the restaurant, on my own, with my little French book. And I was like, ‘What drink would you recommend?’ And he’s like, ‘Oh the green goddess.’ And I was like, ‘Fine, I’ll have that,’” Mackey recounts, with a helping of self-deprecation. “And I was there sipping on my green juice and I was like, ‘Emma, you have become such a cliché.’”
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